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Beauty regime - Body.

Dove indulgent nourishment shea body lotion £7.49 (for 400ml from Boots) I use this post shower unless my skins flarng up (I suffer from horrible eczema and general dry skin) in which case I switch to  Aveeno skin relief lotion £5.49, not only amazing stuff but also smells like cherry bakewells <3

Body brush - I swear by this thing for keeping my skin looking toned (I paid £3.99 for this one and it has massaging rubber bits but you can get them from most chemists)

E45 endless moisture radiance body lotion - I use this when I have alot of skin on show because it gives it a glow without having to resort to dreaded fake tan and because it’s E45 it doesn’t irritate my skin like other shimmery lotions. Lastly coca skin therapy oil, it’s vitamin e with cocoa and absolute magic on stretch marks, bonus points because it smells nicer than bio oil too.

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